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Talha Basit

The visionary founder of Spiral Dot, Talha Basit is a serial entrepreneur who began programming at 7 years old. Since then, he democratized filmmaking at Apple, brought technology to students in one of the nation’s largest school districts, and created the software that resulted in one of his companies being sold to a Fortune 5 firm. When he isn’t helping other entrepreneurs Talha is the CTO of Deep 6 AI where he leads all the Engineering, Product, AI, Machine Learning and Cloud teams in their mission to defeat disease with data.


A 20-year tech industry veteran focusing on technology development and intellectual property protection, Zach Smolinski has leveraged his legal expertise and physics background in diverse areas like communication hardware, medical devices, and FinTech. A sought-after speaker, he frequently conducts presentations involving the intersection of technology and the law– especially in the area of blockchain technology. Zach has experience as an entrepreneur, and is an avid game player who has done work both as a beta-tester and game reviewer. With a background in optics, he brings a laser focus to his work with Spiral Dot.


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